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Accepted Papers

The following papers has been accepted by the ECOWS program committee.

  • Nalaka Gooneratne, Zahir Tari and James Harland
    Matching Strictly Dependent Global Constraints for Composite Web Services
  • Anis Charfi, Benjamin Schmeling and Mira Mezini
    Transactional BPEL Processes with AO4BPEL Aspects
  • Mathieu Braem and Dimitri Gheysels
    History-based aspect weaving for WS-BPEL using Padus
  • Meiko Jensen, Nils Gruschka, Ralph Herkenhöner and Norbert Luttenberger
    SOA and Web Services: New Technologies, New Standards - New Attacks
  • Lijun Liao and Jörg Schwenk
    Secure Emails in XML Format Using Web Services
  • Michele Mazzucco, Isi Mitrani and Jennie Palmer
    Web Service Hosting and Revenue Maximization
  • Arun Mukhija, Andrew Dingwall-Smith and David Rosenblum
    QoS-Aware Service Composition in Dino
  • Fabrizio Montesi, Claudio Guidi and Gianluigi Zavattaro
    Composing services with JOLIE
  • Markus Stumptner and Rajesh Thiagarajan
    Service Composition With Consistency-based Matchmaking: A CSP-based Approach
  • Karim Erradi and Piyush Maheshwari
    WS-Policy based Monitoring of Composite Web Services
  • Jose A. Garcia, Roi Blanco, Antonio Blanco and Javier París
    A comparative performance evaluation of different implementations of the SOAP protocol
  • Barbara Pernici and Anna Maria Rosati
    Automatic learning of repair strategies for Web Services
  • Soheil Saifipoor, Behrouz Tork Ladani and Naser Nematbakhsh
    A Dynamic Reconfigurable Web Service Composition Framework Using Reo Coordination Language
  • Mohammad Alrifai, Wolf-Tilo Balke, Peter Dolog and Wolfgang Nejdl
    Nonblocking Scheduling for Web Service Transactions
  • Jim Smith and Paul Watson
    Experiments Towards Adaptation of Concurrent Workflows
  • Georgios Meditskos and Nick Bassiliades
    Object-Oriented Similarity Measures for Semantic Web Service Matchmaking
  • Dhavalkumar Thakker, Taha Osman and David Al-Dabass
    Semantic-Driven Matchmaking and Composition of Web Services Using Case-Based Reasoning
  • Tomas Vitvar, Jacek Kopecky, Dieter Fensel and Maciej Zaremba
    WSMO-Lite: Lightweight Semantic Descriptions for Services on the Web
  • Roman Vaculin and Katia Sycara
    Specifying and Monitoring Composite Events for Semantic Web Services
  • Rik Eshuis and Paul Grefen
    Structural Matching of BPEL Processes
  • Kyriakos Kritikos and Dimitris Plexousakis
    Semantic QoS-based Web Service Discovery Algorithms
  • Maciej Zaremba, Tomas Vitvar and Matthew Moran
    Towards Optimized Data Fetching for Service Discovery
  • David Millard, Yvonne Howard, Noura Abbas, Swapna Chennupati, Hugh Davis, Lester Gilbert, Gary Wills and Robert Walters
    The Service Responsibility and Interaction Design Method: Using an Agile approach for Web Service Design
  • Herve Verjus and Frederic Pourraz
    A Formal Framework For Building, Checking And Evolving Service Oriented Architectures
  • YeonSeok Kim and Kyong-Ho Lee
    A Light-weight Framework for Hosting Web services on Mobile Devices