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Keynote: Aspect-Oriented Web Services

Keynote ECOWS 2007

Aspect-Oriented Web Services by Uwe Aßmann

The web is a dynamic heterogeneous net of components, providing services to each other. How to find these services, how to execute them, how to compose them is a complicated matter and requires massive amount of technology and tools. As one of these technologies, aspect-oriented development has been used for the composition of web services for quite some time.

However, we postulate that its era has just begun. Since the world of aspect-oriented development is currently being broadened from implementation languages to modelling languages, aspect-oriented, model-driven development of web services comes into sight. In this new technology, aspect weaving on the model level plays a major role: business processes, relieved from the technical aspects, can be specified in isolation, and refined, by aspect model weaving over several levels of models, down to the technical processes, including web services. As a result, a full-blown model-driven, but also aspect-oriented stack of service models results, in which some of the levels are static, others are dynamic. We present an outline of the technology, as well as tools that are available for its realization.

Uwe Aßmann

Chair for Software Engineering
Institut für Software- und Multimediatechnik
Fakultät Informatik
Technische Universität Dresden