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Transportation in Halle


From the airport (Halle-Leipzig) to Halle (Saale) city (main station) by train

Follow the signboards to the central train station of the airport. When you arrive on Sunday the train starts four minutes before every full hour (HH:56 o'clock), on Monday the train will start six minutes before every full hour (HH:54 o'clock). But there also exists some more uneven connections. The transfer will last 11 minutes and cost EUR 6,00. You can buy a ticket at the train platform.

For further information have a look at    (English website).

  • The full name of the railway station at the airport is "Flughafen Halle-Leipzig Zentralgebaeude, Schkeuditz".
  • The full name of the main station of Halle (Saale) is "Halle (Saale) Hauptbahnhof".

Be aware: We have a strike of transportation system employees in Germany now which could result in dropped connections. As alternative you can take a taxicab, this will cost you approximately EUR 50-60 and will increase the transfer time to around 27 minutes. It might be that buses will operate instead of strike-bounded trains.

From the main station of Halle (Saale) to the congress at Department of Computer Science

From the main station you can use the public transportation system. Leave the main station and look for the tram station. Take line 4 or 5 in direction "Kröllwitz“ till station "Strassburger Weg“. The travelling time is 15 min if you take line 4 (9 stations) and 21 min if you take line 5 (13 stations).

From station "Strassburger Weg“ you can walk through the gate and follow the signs to the Department of Computer Science (Von-Seckendorff-Platz 1). It is just a stone's throw (2 min).

For further information about departure take a look at    (English website)

  • The full name of the main station of Halle (Saale) is "Halle (Saale), Hauptbahnhof".
  • The full name of the target station is "Halle (Saale), Strassburger Weg".

From the market place (Halle (Saale) city) to the reception in the building called "Löwengebäude“

square of university, building with stone lions

square of university, building with stone lions

square of university, building with stone lions

If you take a taxicab, tell the driver to bring you to the square called "Universitätsplatz“ (square of university). At the "Universitätsplatz" you just have to look for the building with the stone lions before.

If you walk, start from the market place, follow the street called "Große-Ulrich-Straße“ in northern direction. The way is forking at the „New Yorker" shopping store. Take the right way and follow the alley ("Spiegelstraße") until you can take the next street right. You will see stairs which you have to climb. The building straight before you is the "Löwengebäude“ (stone lions).

The full walking time will be only 5 minutes.


Tickets for transportation system in Halle (Saale)

Tickets for every kind of transportation you can get at (red) ticket mashines, which you can find on nearly every station and which is switchable to English language. It is favorable to buy a 4-rides-ticket that allows you to use the public transportation system of Halle (Saale) four times each for one hour (costs: EUR 5,90) or a ticket for one week which last from Monday 00:01 a. m. till next Monday 04:00 a. m. (costs: EUR 13,90).

For further information take a look at    (German website only).

Of course you do not have to buy ticket if you booked the hotel "InterCity-Hotel Halle-Neustadt", because this booking contains already a full day ticket for the local transportation system.

For those of you traveling on Monday evening from conference location to the reception, we provide tickets. We will leave all together to the reception.